the Alamo COmmissioned Figures

All existing artist proofs and the original pencil drawings have long been sold or lost. Yet children throughout Texas may long remember these images as they were used in a giveaway coloring book printed by the Alamo for class trip visitors to the historic site for about a dozen years. Several hundred thousand of the coloring books were reportedly distributed to school children throughout the state discovered only after Dan's son came home with one following just such a class field trip to the San Antonio historic site.  

In 1984 Dan was commissioned by the Alamo Mission in San Antonio to create two life sized figures representing the unknown faces of both sides of the battle that stood sentry in the Long Barracks Museum for some twenty odd years.

The originals were done in pencil and then manually redrawn on copper intaglio plates and a small private edition of about 15 original hand pulled etchings were produced to gift to the Alamo board and officials. One of each etching as well as the life sized photographic blowups remain in the collection at the Alamo.