Faux FinishING 

SURFACE Texture & Materials of Illusion 

Example Faux Finishes

Beginning in high school Dan Terry has been called on to create the illusion of surfaces for stage, television and film sets, exhibition spaces, and recently for interior designers looking to upgrade plain, boring wall surfaces inito more interesting, liveable,and textural treatments.  

Inspiring moments

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What makes Faux finishes created by Dan different and unique is he brings to the artform physical relief in addition to illusionary textural effects. Not only do the faux bricks shown as an example look like bricks, they feel like the real thing even to the grout in between the elevated brick surfaces complete with pit marks and chipped edges.

Faux Finish Pricing:  

Typically bid at a rate of $20 sq.ft. for paint treatments alone, with 3D construction of rocks, bricks, or other embedded textural elements at an additional rate billed at $50/hr for manufacturing and installation into the surfaces prior to painting. For more accurate estimate call (512) 573-5818 and describe what you're wanting and the total square footage surface area to be covered with the faux finish.