The work of Dan Terry spans several decades, multiple art media forms and a vast and broad spectrum of interests where the play of light and life is the only common theme and beauty can be found everywhere.  This is a sampling of some of the diverse body of works created by Terry on commission or for exhibition. The originals of almost all non-digital works shown are in private or organizational collections yet many are available as Archival Giclee prints at 

Alternatively some captions will include an inquiry button which will let you know if either giclee archival prints or the original (rarely) are available, in what sizes, and at what prices. You are more than welcome to simply browse and enjoy. Should you be awed by the work of Dan Terry shown let others know by liking us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, wherever. Click the link. and thanks. 

The ALAMO exhibition works in the collection of the Alamo Mission Museum in San Antonio, TX

"Austin Sunset" 40"x40" oil on canvas. 2014

"Dot-neck" 20"x20" 3D Digital Art. 1996

"Fishsticks" 30"x30" Digital Painting. 2006

"Viking Voyage" 8"x10" 3D Digital Art. 1996

"Falls of Abundance" Feng Shui 30"x40" oil on canvas. 2010 

NEW!!  "Reflective_Landscape" 30x30" Acrylic on board. 2015

"Alice Bewilderhead" 30"x40" oil on canvas. 1967 

On Exhibit 2015 NYC Lewis Carol Birthday Festival Private Collection


"Lennon" 16"x20" Digital Painting. 2013

"Santa Elena Canyon: Big Bend, TX" 24"x30" pastel on board. 1986

"Red Headed Ducks" 8"x10" Watercolor on Paper. 1986

"Horses in Meadow" 11"x14" Watercolor on Paper. 1979

Private Collection

"Forest Fawn" 18"x24" Pastel on Board. 1983

"Grand Canyon Sunset" 18"x24" oil on panel. 1981

"Grand Oak" 24"x30" Pastel on Board. 1986. National First Place SMAL Juried Exhibition, Aquarena Springs Purchase Award. Municipal Collection

"Dancer in Shades of White" 14"x28" watercolor on Arches. 1977 Private Collection

"Tenderness in Reds" 36"x48" Digital Painting (from Roppolo's Mural). 2014

"Java Street Song" 18"x24" Pastel on Board. 1993

Private Commission

"Moonlit Oak" 30"x40" Digital Painting. 2013

"Cellist in D-minor" 30"x40" pastel on board. c.1980 Exhibited at the National Arts Club in NYC  at the National Pastel Exhbition. 

"Red Dress" 20"x30" Pastel on Board. 1976 Private Collection

"Willie & Trigger" 20"x30" pastel on board. 2013 - on display at Golf & Guitars, Hwy 71, Austin, TX

"Texas Meadow" 11"x14" watercolor on Arches. 1981 Private Collection

"Catskill Fall" 11"x14" pastel on paper. c.1985

"Arizona Landscape" 18"x30" oil on canvas. 1979

"Texas Pastoral" 24"x40" oil on canvas. 1983 Private Commission

"Texas Farmhouse" 8"x20" oil on board. 1978 Private Collection

"Puerto Escondido" 11"x14" watercolor on Arches. 1982 NFS: artists personal collection

"Night Read" 18"x24" oil on baord. c. 1977 private collection

"Forest Path" 18"x24" pastel on paper. c. 1982

"Floral Still-life" 11"x14" pastel on paper. 2004 Painting done as        online lessons for Expert Village Series on Pastel Painting. View Lesson Series Here on Youtube.

"Mellow Cellos " 8"x10" Pastel sticks on paper. c. 1980 flood destroyed '84 

"Abstract Cool Frenzy" 30"x30" digital painting. 2002

"Brick Wall" 20"x30" Pastel on Board. c, 1982 flood destroyed '84

"Onion Creek, TX" 24"x20" pastel on board. c. 1979

"Festive Splash 30"x30" digital painting. 2015

"Festive Austin Pecan Street Festival" 10"x30" digital painting. 2014

All work shown on this page and elsewhere on this site is © Dan Terry (1967-2015)

NEW!  "Bliss" 30"x 48" oil on canvas. 2015

Newly completed work in the Neo-classical style combining contempory composition and classical painting techniques.

"Coral Reef" 10"x14" Digital 3D painting. c.1997