Estimating Mural Costs

The work of Dan Terry is clearly above and beyond the means of individuals and organizations with small visions and bargain basement budgets, yet is surprisingly reasonable and costs significantly less than most viewers guess on looking at the work created. 


Mural pricing starts at about $2000.  That would be for about an 8 x 12 foot space or about 100 square feet. As the amount of square footage increases the price per square foot becomes less.  Sculptural,architectural and lighting elements sometimes increase square footage cost but  others may actually reduce them.  


The best and only real way to know what a mural might cost for your environment, is to call and let's talk. Everything is negotiable and payment terms and plans are available.

Estimating Faux Finishing

Faux finishing, like murals, are bid generally by the sq foot rate and pricing ranges generally from $7.50 to 12.50 per square foot, depending on various factors including number of layers required to create a particular type of finish look, the condition and materials of the existing surface and materials to be used depending on use and environment.  


Again, the only way to accurately provide an realistic estimate is to call and tell me what you are wanting or thinking about having done.  We'll work something out.   

Often the mural process starts here. On the computer screen. As most of my mural/interior/exterior art design work involves varying degrees of architectural constrction, installation, lighting systems and 3 dimensional sculptueral elements the planning often starts with creation of a three-D CGI Model of the site so that concept sketches can be seen in the context of the space and showing  realistic lighting effects that are proposed or planned as part of the mural installation. 



CALL (512) 573-5818

CALL (512) 573-5818