Ropollo's Pizza Patio Mural 

The Roppolo's mural posed several interesting challenges due to it's location "within" a historic building although technically the area that is the rear patio of Roppolo's Pizza is an outdoor area covered with a tarp. So the work had to be weatherproof resistent to Texas downpours and the brutal summer heat and UV radiation. Being in a bar in the heart of the Entertainment district which is known to get rather rowdy at times, consideration for the potential for vandalism or simply damaging drunken behaviors was another challenge Terry had to contend with.  Like much of the work done in the museum industry, the building itself is a historical artifact and keeping with restoration and preservation practice anything done with a relic should be completely reversable.  The artist's solution - create the entire work digitally and output the massive files onto weather resistent vinyl sheeting, which is removable and replaceable in case of physical damage. Finger marks, spilled alcohol, and pizza stains wash right off. 


The artistic challenge was in telling the story that crossed gnerations and several cultures while stylistically being a single unified work that somehow reflects it's namesake Leonardo Da Vinci for whom the lounge in named after. From a distance the mural has a character of a composite of faded historical photographs yet up close what's clear is that every image and portrait and element is drawn in hundreds of thousands of black, brown, red, blue and white lines that follow the form and create the illusion of shape in the line drawing style of Leonardo. The image of the Sistine Chapel figures done by Michaelango had long been used by Roppolo's as an icon for the Patio Lounge so in this variation it's done as if DaVinci had 'painted' it with his earthy toned line drawing method.  The entire work was created with Adobe Photoshop with a pressure sensitive pen and Wacom Bamboo tablet and required 75 days to draw. 


The entire work is 8' x 72' in size and was completed and installed in January 2015 at 316 E. Sixth St. in downtown Austin, TX. 

The 8'x72' mural at the popular award winning Roppolo's Pizza at 316 E. Sixth visually explores some of the prior occupants of the historic building, the roots and culture of the Roppolo family who founded the business and the evolution of Roppolo's Pizza