About the Artist

Artist Bio: Dan Terry

As a contemporary renaissance artist, Dan Terry finds his multitude of passions and skills best fulfilled in the world of mural art.  Diverse in his skillsets, mural artistry is the culmination of Terry’s vast artistic experiences and talent. In the 1990’s Terry committed to pursuing this creative talents full time. Today, this focus has rewarded him with the skills to pursue that same talent and passion as a professional business.

Over the years, this entrepreneurial artist’s special expertise in graphic design, photography, videography, illustration and animation, stage and film production designs, have won Terry the privilege of having his art and photography published. Both as cover and editorial illustrations in books, magazines, websites, catalogs, brochures, posters, and feature films, Terry’s art and photography has traveled the world with him.

Terry’s many awards include a multitude of juried awards, including National Paste Exhibition at the National arts club in NYC, the Witte Museum, Laguna Gloria Museum, and the Alamo Mission’s permanent collection, and more. Dan Terry’s Masters in Mass Communication from the University of Texas also speaks to his resume of creating powerful art.

In his free time, Terry enjoys being inspired by camping and live music. He resides in south Austin with his pet-filled studio. 


Dan Terry