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Commercial Mural "Davinci's Lounge" 

DaVinci's Italian Lounge in the heart of Austin's Entertainment District wanted the mood of Italy's Renaissance Architecture.  DaVinci's modernized Vetruvius Man animates via programmed LED Lighting.

Residential Boy's Treehouse

A boy's fantasy treehouse bedroom mural complete with faux wood treehouse, climbable sculptured tree and programmed natural daylight w night stars circadian lighting system. 

Commercial Exterior Restaurant Mural 

Digital Painting Mural created for Roppolo's exterior patio area in  Austin's 6th Street Entertainment District on cleanable, waterproof & UV resistant archival vinyl. 

Residential Interior

Yoga Room "Wallpaper"

This full surround mural in a private residence is designed to create a sense of peace and serenity with flowing vines of cherry blossoms and exotic birds and butterflies.

Faux Finishing

While faux finishes have become quite popular among modern interior designer, the techniques are ancient dating back to Renaissance painters and adopted by theatrical and film set designers. Dan's faux finishes have been used on stage, in films, in museums, restaurants and homes.  

Roppolo's Pizza Mural

Municipal Museum Exhibit Graphics

For the Witte Museum's "Dinosaur's Invade the Witte" Exhibit, Terry was tasked with illustrating many of the dinosaur species whose fossilized remains were showcased with large scale wall paintings. 

The Work of Dan Terry

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boy's room treehouse
DaVinci Lounge Mural
Witte Museum Whale Mural

Museum Mural Humpback Whale 

In San Antonio's Witte Museum, behind a false wall erected by Chief of Exhibitions, Dennis Bartz, this 365' sq.ft. mural by Terry may yet be preserved some 30 years after the exhibition Animal Senses closed. 

Meditation Room Wallpaper
Museum Wall Graphics
faux finishing
Art Installation Services

Art Installations

Sometimes to install or hang art  it takes the intimate knowledge and care of an artist. As a museum exhibits designer in charge of installations involving irreplaceable art treasures, Dan's expertise is unmatched as a consulting certified art installer with Fosters Art Installation, Inc. serving the Austin metro area.